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Friday Letter 有關臺大公衛學院的報導

♦ May 10, 2017
Taiwan National Burden of Disease Study Reveals Impact of Modifiable Risk Factors on Mortality in Taiwan

♦ March 9, 2017
Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Reduces Suicide Risk among Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

♦ February 23, 2017
Taiwan Researchers Find Middle-Aged Taiwanese Adults with Diabetes Have a Greater Risk of Cancer Incidence in a Community-based Cohort

♦ January 26, 2017
Taiwanese Researcher Finds Different Dietary Patterns Associated with the Change of Domain-specific and Global Cognitive Functions in Chinese Elderly

♦ January 10, 2017
Taiwan Researchers Find National First Admission Rate for Schizophrenia Has Plunged in the Early 21th Century

♦ December 28, 2016
Taiwan Researcher Joins International Collaboration Showing Impact of Paraquat Ban on Suicide Trend and Evidence for Pesticide Suicide Underestimation in South Korea

♦ December 1, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find Insomnia May Underlie the Association between Night Shift Work and Poor Mental Health

♦ November 17, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find that Genome-wide Associated Study Using Performance Metrics to Identify Genetic Markers for Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in Taiwanese Elderly

♦ November 3, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find the Assessment of Feasibility and Cost-Effectiveness of Achieving 2025 WHO Global Tuberculosis Targets in South Africa, China and India: A Combined Modelling Analysis

♦ October 27, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Propose an Adaptive Combination of P-values Method to Analyze Case-parent Trios Data

♦ August 25, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Found That Glycemic Control Could Reduce the Risk of Tuberculosis in Diabetic Patients

♦ July 21, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find Engagement in Leisure-Time Activity (LTA) Slows the Development of Disability in Late Life

♦ July 13, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find the Impact of Social-Cultural Factors and Features of Neighborhood Environment on Physical Inactivity across Taiwan, China and South Korea

♦ July 5, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find Frequent Health Care Visits May Increase the Risk of Contracting Tuberculosis

♦ June 9, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Identify the Interactions between CHRNA7 polymorphisms, Apolipoprotein E ε4 status and Smoking on Dementia Risk

♦ May 12, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Join an International Effort in Identifying Genetic Variants for Lithium Response

♦ April 13, 2016
Taiwan Researcher Proposes a Simple Statistical Approach to Testing the Relation between Baseline Values and Percentage Change

♦ April 6, 2016
Taiwan Determines Global Metabolic Effects of Acute Inhalation of Nano- and Fine-sized Zno Particles in the Rat Lung by Using NMR-based Metabolomics

♦ March 17, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find the Nation’s Universal Health Coverage Fails to Narrow Urban-Rural Inequity in Psychiatric Care

♦ March 10, 2016
Taiwan Develops a New Molecular Diagnostic Method to Rapidly and Accurately Identify Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains

♦ February 17, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Propose a New Index: “ADAPT” for Characterizing Decision-Analysis Performances of Risk Prediction Models

♦ January 21, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Find Aberrant Expression of microRNAs Might be Useful Biomarkers for Schizophrenia

♦ January 7, 2016
Taiwan Researchers Identified the Association between PM2.5 and Risk of Tuberculosis and Quantified the Mortality Burden of Non-communicable Diseases Caused By PM2.5

♦ December 31, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Propose a New Method for Bounding Selection Bias

♦ December 3, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find a Fast Strategy of Switching Chronic Schizophrenia Patients to Aripiprazole Has Equivalent Efficacy without Worsening Side Effects as Compared to a Slow Strategy

♦ November 12, 2015
Taiwan Finds New Clinical Algorithm to Stratify Risk of Developing Active TB in HIV-Infected Persons and Target Isoniazid Preventive Treatment More Effectively

♦ November 6, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Stress the Importance of Presenting the Variability of the False Discovery Rate Control

♦ October 15, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Apply Metabolomics Study in Metabolic Healthy and Abnormal Obesity

♦ September 24, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Apply Respondent-Driven Sampling to Derive Epidemiological Estimates of Illegal Drug Use

♦ September 17, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find Poverty and Poor Health Could No Longer Be Intertwined

♦ August 27, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find the Relation between Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Carotid Intima-Media Thickness

♦ August 19, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Propose New Methods to Test for Sufficient-cause Gene-environment Interactions

♦ July 30, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Advocate to Use the Excess Relative Risk as an Alternative Effect Measure in Case-control Studies of Rare Diseases

♦ July 23, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find Lower Lipid Levels Linked with More Violent Behaviors in Schizophrenia Inpatients

♦ July 16, 2015
Taiwan Analyzes Nationwide Health Insurance Claims Data to Explore the Relationship among Provider’s Operation Volume and Surgical Site Infection

♦ July 9, 2015
Bilateral Research Collaboration of Taiwan and Nebraska Finds that Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Undergoing Ablation are More Likely to Have Deterioration of Quality of Life

♦ July 2, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Identify the Association between Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollutants and Dementia Risk in the Elderly

♦ June 25, 2015
Taiwan and American Researchers Jointly Identify Risk Factors for Invasive Cryptococcus neoformans Diseases

♦ June 18, 2015
Taiwan Finds Diabetes and High Glycated Hemoglobin Levels Increase the Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

♦ June 11, 2015
Taiwan Finds Financial Incentives can Improve Tuberculosis Care with Lower Cost

♦ June 11, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find the Influence of season and Living Environment on Children’s Urinary1-hydroxypyrene Levels in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

♦ June 4, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find Google Search Trends Linked with Method-specific Suicide Incidence

♦ May 28, 2015
Taiwan Finds Paternal Age Older Than 25 and Younger Than 20 Were Both Associated with Earlier Onset among Familial Schizophrenia Patients

♦ May 20, 2015
Taiwan Finds the Gestational Exposure to Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Dibenzofurans Caused Asymmetric Hearing Loss in Early Adulthood

♦ May 14, 2015
Taiwan Researcher Found Pro-Poor Health Programs in Bangladesh Might Adversely Affect Poverty Reduction

♦ May 14, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Propose a New Method to Evaluate Risk Prediction

♦ May 7, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Develop Risk Scores to Prioritize Individuals for Population-wide Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screening Using Liver Ultrasound

♦ May 1, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Propose a New Method for Testing Mechanistic Interaction in Long-Term Follow-Up Studies

♦ April 23, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find Sex in Teenage Years Can Influence Emotions and Behavior of Asian Youngsters

♦ April 16, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Propose a New Method for Oligoset DNA Pooling Studies

♦ April 10, 2015
Taiwan Study: Prediction Models for Exposure Assessment of PM2.5 in the Taipei Metropolis

♦ March 26, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find the Increasing Prevalence of Diabetes May Undermine the Effort of Tuberculosis Control in High Tuberculosis Burden Countries

♦ March 12, 2015
Taiwan Finds Daily Intakes of Acrylamide Associated with Urinary Excretion of Acrylamide-Specific DNA Damage

♦ March 4, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Present Data Link Application on Measles Prevention and Control

♦ February 19, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia Associated with Minor Physical Anomalies and Craniofacial Measures

♦ February 6, 2015
Researchers Find the Effects of Genetics and Social Network on Continued Drinking Behaviors among Young Adolescents in Taiwan

Taiwan Researchers Find a Linear Dose-response Relation between Fasting Blood Glucose Level and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

♦ January 29, 2015
Taiwan Researchers Find Reimbursement Cuts May Have Effects on Stroke Care

Taiwan Associate Dean to Serve as ISEE Elected Councilor from 2015-2017

♦ January 15, 2015
 Taiwan Researchers Find Precollege Bullying Experiences Linked with Health-Related Quality of Life in College

♦ December 18, 2014
  ASPPH Welcomes New Member