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Career Services


NTU emphasizes graduates career planning. The main purpose of Career Center, NTU Office of Student Affairs lies in providing both students and alumni with information and services necessary for career planning and employment. The services include:


1. Employment seeking registration services for students and alumni

2. Recruitment registrations services for organizations and businesses

3. Employment information involving recruitment, study, work, skill development and training courses

4. Information on national exams and local/international education

5. Employment forums and campus recruitment events

6. Career surveys

7. Transferring surveys for alumni

8. Graduation ceremonies


Career Center, NTU Office of Student Affairs: http://career.ntu.edu.tw/


In NTUCPH, each institute hold Career Counseling Seminar and invite alumni to share working experience with students.

Photo of Career Counseling Seminar for Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, and Biostatistics Students (click for more information)


./cph/圖一、「職業衛生專業人力之教育與職能」論壇之講者: 論壇主持人陳美蓮教授 (左, 陽明大學醫學院副院長)、主持人吳章甫副教授 (中, 台大公衛學院環職衛學群)、與談人洪榮勳博士 (右, 環保署科技顧問室顧問)
Photo of Career Counseling Seminars for Environmental and Occupational Health Students
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