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Center of Environmental and Occupational Health


Director: Gen-Shuh Wang, Ph.D.



The Center for Environmental and Occupational Health (CEOH) was established in 2007. The purpose of CEOH is to prevent disease, promote health and prolong life which focuses on environmental/occupational sanitation and medicine. This area of research covers a wide range of issues including air pollution, water sanitation, aerosols and bioaerosols, environmental toxicology, environmental epidemiology, environmental microbiology, occupational health, the physical environment, and health risk assessment. The research directions of the CEOH recently comprise: monitoring trace environmental hazardous substances, developing technology for health risk assessment, and molecular biology techniques applicable to environmental health.




The CEOH was established with developments of health risk assessment methodologies as its main goal. In response to prevention of environmental diseases and the needs for control of physical, chemical and biological health hazards caused by modern environmental changes, the center aims to enhance environmental awareness, identify hazards, assess population’s environmental and occupational exposures to pollutants, conduct health risk assessments and develop risk management skills and methods for protection of public health. The reliability of environmental and occupational research depends on rigorous research design with precise analytical methods and instruments. Through the establishment of complete sets of exposure assessment laboratories, the CEOH will establish its analytical capacities targeted at measurements of physical, chemical, and biological factors in the environment and workplace, provide information needed to identify hazards, and perform risk assessment and risk management for research and practical purposes. This information will also be the fundamental reference for preparations of environmental and occupational health policies and decisions.


Developments and Operations of Environmental and Occupational Center

History of CEOH

  • 2006-2007: The Center’s analytical capability for identification of trace environmental pollutants and monitoring of environmental quality. The Center continued to build and expand research facilities: establishing a P1 and P2 microbiology laboratory, establishing small animal laboratory, purchased RT-PCR and sophisticated instruments (LC/MS/MS and open-path FTIR).
  • 2008-2010: The environmental and occupational health laboratories were partially completed. Subsidized research projects on examining important issues in environmental and occupational health.
  • 2010-2012: In response to the declining funding, the center was transformed into a Research Resource Center. Focused on Instrument management and maintenance, training courses, administrative support, assisting and subsidizing research projects.



The laboratories of CEOH are located on the 9th and 10th floors of Public Health Building. The majority of the 9th floor is dedicated to P1 and P2 levels biological laboratories. The 10th floor contains: the Environmental Chemistry Lab, the Air Pollution and Health Effects Lab, the Environmental Microbiology Lab, the Environmental Exposure Assessment Lab, the Environmental Toxicology & Occupational Physiology Lab, the Aerosol & Optical Sensing Measurements Lab, the Occupational Trace Metal Assessment Lab, the Risk Assessment Lab, the Organic & Inorganic Analytical Equipment Room, and High MS Center.


Publications& academic activities

Since the establishment of the CEOH, researchers from the center have published over 70 papers in SCI-listed journals. Of these, 35 papers either directly or indirectly used equipment and/or funding from the Center. CEOH research directions of the CEOH Center contributed a piece of BioMedLib Top 3 articles from 2007. Hold domestic and international academic exchange like labor health promotion forum and technical tour, provide water quality training program for Iraqi Ministry, and collaboration with Seoul National University.