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Center of Health Promotion


Director: Duan-Rung Chen, Ph.D.



Marc Lalonde, Canada’s Minister of Health and Welfare in 1974, introduced a new health concept through the policy paper “A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians” known as the Lalonde Report. He proposed four determinants of human health – human biology, environment, lifestyle, and health care system. This document became the driving force of subsequent health promotion campaigns. Since the World Health Organization held the first International Health Promotion conference in Ottawa, Canada in 1986 Health Promotion became a key agenda in public health.

To advocate health promotion and eliminate health inequalities we not only need an undying political commitment but also the knowledge. Identification of problems and information disseminating can increase public awareness, while the investigation of theories and mechanisms will facilitate policy making and implementation. Lastly, policy impact assessment is a prerequisite for changes in direction or strategies. Therefore, CPH of Public Health established the Center of Health Promotion in October, 1998 aiming to generate and translate knowledge on health promotion to create a healthier Taiwan.




Our mission is to create and translate knowledge on health promotion to build a Healthy Taiwan.


Research Team

Director: Duan-Rung Chen

Professors: Wei J. Chen, Tung-liang Chiang, Yawen Cheng, Ya-Mei, Chen, Su-sheng, Chang

Graduate Students: Wan-Lin Chiang, Ho-Wei Wang, Min-Hau Lin, Shiao-Wei Yu


Main Acitivities

1) Research
Our current research focus on “social determinants of health”, “healthy lifestyle” and “mental health promotion”.

2) Dissemination and translation
In order to disseminate our research findings, we attend and organize conferences, publish papers, create websites and establish cooperative network with other researchers.

3) Capacity building
To enhance research capabilities, we hold various activities such as workshop, educational training, and keynote speech. We continuously upgrade hardware and software resources.


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< Symposium poster on Sep. 11, 2015 >

< Dr. Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow and Dr. Laura L. Payne: “Engagement as a paradigm for successful aging” on November 05, 2014 >

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