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Dean’s Corner

• Foreword: Improvement on food safety requires the substantial reengineering of the society. (The paper is collected in the book, Panic from the Land to our Dinning Table – Disclosure and Comprehension of Where our Food Safety Goes Wrong, by Kuei-Tian Chou and Chien-Ming Hsu. Published by Business Weekly Publications, Inc., January 6, 2015. p3-4)

Food safety in Taiwan has encountered storms one another the other in recent years. For example, the 2008 scandal of formula milk powder added with melamine, the 2011 clouding agent where food was added with plasticizer, the 2013 scandal of maleic acid added to starch and mixed olive oil, and the 2014 gutter oil/inferior oil scandal and the recent inspection made by Hong Kong Government for the dried bean curd containing illegal coloring matter. Suddenly, the various possible leaks of the national food safety system have comprehensively been exposed and it just doesn’t seem to stop. (More...)

• University club life - non-official leadership curriculum (October 6, 2014)

This was a speech delivered by Dean Wei J. Chen to the Medical Campus Student Club Leader and Officer Training Program for the second semester of 2014 academic year, between December 6 and 7, 2014 and before the departure. This event was organized by the Association of College of Public Health. This article is collected in the “2014 1st Semester Club Reference Books for National Taiwan University College of Medicine and College of Public Health” prepared by President Bo-Cheng Hsu and the officers. (More...)

2014 National Taiwan University College of Medicine and College of Public Health New Students Orientation Guide (August 30, 2014)

This year is a very important year for the internationalization in the educational implication of College of Public Health because we have been approved by (Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) for the application of assessment last September. Not only is it the first attempt of public health education in Taiwan but also the first university in Asia approved by CEPH. At the end of this year, CEPH will send deputy director to conduct in-field survey in Taiwan. (More...)

• 2014 Society for Risk Analysis—Asia Conference (August 20, 2014)
Welcome to National Taiwan University College of Public Health!

As many of you may have known, about three weeks ago in southern Taiwan, a series of gas explosions occurred in two districts of Kaohsiung following reports of gas leaks on July 31, 2014. Thirty people were killed and more than 300 others were injured. (More…)


• Kaohsiung Medical School, College of Health Sciences 2013 Consensus Camp Keynote Speech: Development of Academic Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges (June 27, 2014) (Powerpoint)


•  National Taiwan University Hospital Translational Medicine and Biotech Development Trend Symposium 2014: The research design and method and role of translational medicine and biotech industry (June 20, 2014) (Powerpoint)

•   Written Acknowledgement for 2014 Tassel Ceremony: The advocacy, entrepreneurship and courage in public health (June 6, 2014)
Guests, parents, faculty, and all students graduating: 
This year Taiwanese people are examining higher education: Does the education received by students in school properly connect with their work after graduation? This is not a simple question, particularly in research-based universities such as National Taiwan University, which educational function is more than pure occupational training. We expect our education to help students graduating find work better meet the society demand. However, how can we achieve this? I would like to share my ideas on this occasion. (More..)


•  Rising Stars in Public Health 2014 Foreword: Innovation & Breakthrough, altruism and helping others (June 6, 2014)
The editing of “Rising Stars in Public Health” started 2 years ago with the initial intention to acquaint the public with the various learning dimensions of students of college of public health. This is the third edition this year and I have discovered that this collection also leaves behind the philosophy and look of the period. (More…)


•  Symposium of Management of Food Safety: Consideration of the level of public health (December 25, 2013) (Powerpoint)

•  Professor Dr. Ding-Shinn Chen Honorable Retirement Paper Collection: Reinforcement between fundamental medicine and public health (The paper collects “Professor Dr. Ding-Shinn Chen’s Honorable Paper Collection,” published by Wu Bo-Zhen Liver Medicine Foundation, December 31, 2013, p72-75.)

I could not believe that Professor Dr. Ding-Shinn Chen was retiring. By not believing I mean that every time I see him, he is always so energetic and has ideas for many issues without holding back. However, after receiving the conference invitation held by Taiwan Association for the Study of the Liver in celebration of his 70th birthday plus the invitation to write an article for his 70-year collection, I was surprised that he was really retiring. (More…)


•  Opening remark for International Child Health Forum

Dear Co-organizer Vice Chair Tiffany Huang, special guest Deputy Director-General Li-Hui Yu, Our Keynote speakers, Dr. Mark Wahlqvist, Dr. Tommaso Cavalli-Sforza, Dr. Chien-Jen Chen, and Dr. Kyi Minn, and many distinguished moderators and speakers, ladies and gentlemen: (More...)   


•  Public health advocate with relentless efforts (The paper is published on “Chueh Glamour – Professor Chueh Chang’s Retirement Paper Collection,” November 9, 2013)
The most vibrant impression left by Chueh Chang to others is her role as public health scholar who is committed to advocate gender equality and positive psychology. (More..)


•  2013 Academic Year New Student Orientation Guide – Introduction to College of Medicine Campus (Document: 2013 New Student Orientation Guide to National Taiwan University College of Medicine and College of Public Health)

College of Public Health is the youngest college among the many departments in the College of Medicine campus. College of Public Health was founded in 1972 and has just completed its 40th anniversary at the end of last year (2012). Through the calling of the 40th anniversary, we have formally founded the nationwide “National Taiwan University, College of Public Health Alumni Association.” (More…)


•  Invitation of foreign assessment committee members. New records of National Taiwan University College of Public Health Joint Assessment (2013.9 Assessment Biweekly, 45th Edition)

To enhance its quality and standard of teaching research and to balance the overall and key development direction, National Taiwan University developed teaching research department assessment guidelines in 1997. All teaching departments from the department, college, courses and colleges are required to take the assessment organized by NTU in every 5 years. (More…)


• Grievance over the wife of Professor Kung-Pei Chen, the super granny of the academic circle of public health: Madam Shou-jen Ke Chen
For many people like me who did not have the opportunity to be instructed by Professor Kung-Pei Chen, our knowledge on Professor Chen’s credo in public health mostly came from the various vocations launched by Kung-Pei Chen Preventive Medical Foundation founded by Madam Shou-jen Ke Chen single-handedly and with full commitment. (More….)

• Rising Stars in Public Health 2014 Foreword: Full commitment in learning and development (June, 2013)
“Rising Stars in Public Health” is a first special edition launched last year. Faculties and students all respond well and most importantly the special edition shows the photo and reviews of all winning students. This special edition provides us with more vibrant acquaintance to the learning dimensions of College of Public Health students. (More…)


• 2013 Tassel Ceremony Dean’s Acknowledgement (June 14, 2013)
The milestones that open the horizon for public health
Guests, parents, faculty, and all students graduating. This year is a year of milestones. People used to set milestones when they reached an important phase when reclaiming the mountain and forest to symbolize an accumulation of achievement. However, people do not stop there but continue working towards the next phase. (More..)


• National Taiwan University College of Medicine Campus Third Art Festival (May 1-29, 2013) Foreword: Art is the continual pursuit of meaning

Last spring when I passed by the former Public of Health Hall (former Business Hall) in the evening, there was a group of students lining up outside when the hall should have been empty with people. They told me that the students of Public Health were planning to make the hall haunted by ghosts. (More…)


• From stone to previous jade: Reflection of Core Value in Public Health (the article has been published on Jing-fu Medical Newsletter, Public Health editorial for the 40th anniversary of College of Public Health in December, 2012, Volume 29, 12th Edition, p2-3)
Health and Welfare is an important mission; carry forward the philosophy of public health
Once I drove Professor Palmer Beasley to visit President Li on main campus and we walked bout the evolution of public health education system on the way home. Professor Palmer Beasley has been the dean of Texas University, College of Public Health for 17 years, coincidentally the same period as his good friend, Professor Kung-Pei Chen who has been the dean of NTU Graduate Institute of Public Health for 17 years. (More…)


• Professor Hai-Guo Hu’s Study on Schizophrenia: An Interdisciplinary Team that advances with time (collected in “Spiritual Exploration: Retirement Memoir of Professor Hai-Guo Hu), P31-32, July 14, 2012
My cooperation in research with Professor Hai-Guo Hu long started before I returned to Taiwan. Soon after I have acquired PhD degree from Harvard and was still taking post-doctoral program, I received his call from overseas to invite me to his integrated research project application about Schizophrenia. (More…)


• 2012 College of Medicine Campus Teacher Association New Year Speech (December 28, 2012, National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center, 1st floor lobby)
There are three things worth mentioning about College of Public Health this year. The first thing worth mentioning is that 2012 is the year of most freshness with College of Public Health. (More…)


• Professor Lee-Lan Yen Speech of Retirement: Communion Experience (collected in Lanmenji Foreword: Professor Lee-Lan Yen Retirement Paper Collection” December 15, 2012
I have known Professor Lee-Lan Yen in February 1993 when I was employed as lecturer in Graduate Institute of Public Health. It was still time of integrated department and college and therefore all teachers had the opportunity to meet each other during the affair meeting each month regardless of which group of teaching. (More…)


• Congratulations on the establishment of National Taiwan University Public Health Alumni Association (Speech delivered on the establishment of National Taiwan University Public Health Alumni Association on December 1st, 2012)
The public health education of Taiwan can be dated by to the Tropical Medical Institute founded by the Taihoku Imperial University (founded in 1928) in 1939 during the Japanese Ruling Period. After World War II, Taihoku Imperial University restructured to become the National Taiwan University while the Tropical Medical Institute was renamed to the Graduate Institute of Public Health in 1951. (More…)


2012 Happy Teachers’ Day and Moon Festival 
The direction of new academic year for the College (email dated September 28 2012 from Dean Wei-J. Chen to peers before Teachers’ Day and Moon Festival)

Dear Colleagues:
The coming of Teachers’ Day and Moon Festival will allow us to adjust our pace and gather with friends and relatives or walk around, soon after the school has started. I would like to wish you a happy holiday in advance. (More…)


Recognition and Expectation (Foreword from Dean Wei-J. Chen on the “Rising Stars in Public Health” printed in June 2012 edition

The biggest feature of College of Public Health students is diversity. (More…)

•  Dean Wei-J. Chen wishes everyone Happy New Year: Health and welfare is the mission in public health

Dear Colleagues: I would like to wish you happy Chinese New Year in advance as the Chinese New Year season is coming. In this season filled with strong implication of legacy, our college has experienced new milestones in legacy in the past year. (More…)


• New opportunity for developing public health in Taiwan (speech delivered by Dean Wei-J. Chen on the Public Health Association Joint Assembly and Academic Symposium on October 14, 2011)

Greetings to all participating guests:
I would like to welcome all predecessors and partners of public health in Taiwan on behalf of all faculty and students of National Taiwan University College of Public Health for coming to the 2011 joint assembly and academic Symposium. (More…)


• Globalization of public health education (speech delivered by Dean Wei-J. Chen at the College of Medicine Campus New Student Orientation Guide Ceremony on September 7, 2011)

Welcome to the College of Medicine Campus and become a member of this great traditional family with excellent history.
You are studying these under the right time, place and people. As long as you are fully committed, you will learn with joy and abundant rewards. (More…)


• Grasp the new opportunities in the history of NTU development by establishing modern new paradigm in public health education (speech delivered by dean Wei-Jian Chen when he took office on August 1st, 2011)

Greeting to dean, supervisors ready to take office and discharge from office, peers, and guests.
After the unveiling of the history wall of College of Public Health building, we will move to the “Kung-Pei Lecture Hall” to carry out supervisor hand-over tea party. Under the mottled ancient signage of “Tropical Medical Institute” and the background of Professor Kung-Pei Chen’s bronze statute, this handover ceremony becomes evern more meaningful in terms of historical symbols. (More…)