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Global Health Center



Director: Chang-Chuan Chan, Sc.D.



The National Taiwan University’s (NTU) International Health Center in the College of Public Health (CPH) was established at the end of 2006, and renamed as the Global Health Center in October 2011. The Global Health Center aims to cultivate global health workers and enhance international visibility of CPH. Associate Dean of CPH, Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan has been the director of the Global Health Center since 2007.

Organizational Structure

The Global Health Center has three associate directors; Prof. Chwan-Chuen King, Prof. Kuo-Piao Chung, and Prof. Kun-Yu Wu, and eight researchers; Prof. Ya-Wen Cheng, Prof. Chang-Fu Wu, Assoc. Prof. Yu-Kang Tu, Assoc. Prof. Yen-Ching Karen Chen, Assoc. Prof. Yu-Chi Tung, Assoc. Prof. Jiun-Hau Huang, Assoc. Prof. Hsien-Ho Lin and Assis. Prof. Kun-Hsien Tsai.



As a part of CPH, the four main goals of the Global Health Center, , are (1) promote international academic exchanges; (2) facilitate cross-country collaboration among universities and researchers; (3) create a platform for students to gain international learning experiences; and (4) increase the number of international exchange students and internships.



  1. To evaluate global health issues and challenges of public health development.
  2. To develop strategies and solutions to mitigate health issues through cross-country collaborations.
  3. To invite visiting scholars worldwide to share their research outcomes and on-site practice experiences to local audiences.
  4. To offer opportunities for scholars and students from developing countries to conduct advanced research.
  5. To assist the Taiwan government to select domestic scholars and experts to provide consultation, lectures and research opportunities in developing countries.
  6. To host international conferences and seminars related to global health topics.
  7. To establish a cross-country public health network for promoting and exchanging information.
  8. To analysis the public health issues requested by Taiwan government and civil organizations.
  9. To create a platform for scholars and students worldwide to share public health outreach experiences of challenges and successes.

< NTUCPH visited Kyoto University in Sep 1st -2nd, 2014. The group photo taken with Dr. Shunichi Fukuhara, Dean, School of Public Health, Kyoto University. From right to left: Dr. Shou-Hsia Cheng, NTU; Dr. Chang-Chuan Chan, NTU; Dr. Shunichi Fukuhara, KU; Dr. Wei J. Chen, NTU; and Dr. Kuo-Liong Chien, NTU>

< 2014 APRU Global Health Workshop hosted by NTUCPH from Sep. 24th – 27th. Group photo of APRU workshop participants and guests at CPH entrance on Sept. 25th>

< 2015 ASPPH annual meeting from Mar. 22th – 25th at Arlington City, USA. The group photo taken in the venue
From right to left: Dr. Wei J. Chen, NTU; Dr. John R. Finnegan, ASPPH Board Chair; Dr. Ayman El-Mohandes, ASPPH Board member; and Dr. Chang-Chuan Chan, NTU >