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International Research


The following is an introduction to examples of program cooperation for college teachers participating in cross-border and interdisciplinary research cooperation with enthusiasm:

♦ Framework Program 7

Framework Program 7 is a multinational, multicenter European study that began Genomics Biomarkers of Environmental Health (EnviroGenoMarkers) since 2009, where two participating university research institutes from Greece, Holland, England, Sweden, Italy, and Finland studied the generation research data with details in the exposure reaction of genomics environment. The chief coordinator is Professor S. A. Kyrtopoulos from Greece. Starting from last year, Graduate Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine of NTU College of Public Health and the team of the center proposed a plan to joint his team with success while becoming the 12th research institute and a new partner.  FP7 is a large use of “omics” high-output technology applied on demographic information, which purpose is to find out the brand new biomarkers related to chronic disease with validity testing, meanwhile with a further look into the exposure of environmental factor for biomarkers such as air pollution and genetics. This program consists of three generation research on long-term tracing and conducts nested case-control including 600 breast cancers, 300 lymphomas cancer, and matching control groups. Additionally there is a study incorporated of 600 children that collects biomarkers from different time. These biomarkers will discuss the environmental and genetic factors for various chronic diseases by providing considerably important and abundant support.

♦ College of Public Health and allied university, UNMC College of Public Health conducted bilateral cross-border research program

The College and UNMC College of Public Health signed a bilateral exchange memorandum in January 2011 and has since exchanged frequently. The College also sent 3 students to UNMC for one-semester exchange in September 2011 while inviting various professors from UNMC to hold bilateral academic Symposiums in College of Public Health in November of the same year. In, NTU College of Public Health sent another 2 students for 1-semester exchange at UNMC while UNMC sent two students in June 2012 for exchange program at College of Public Health in addition to sending MPH students for capstone course with the NTU College of Public Health.

To develop in-depth bilateral exchange in student exchange, collaboration of Symposium, and expansion to bilateral research cooperation, dean Wei-J. Chen and Associate Dean Chang-Chuan Chan, Associate Dean Chuhsing Kate Hsiao, Professor Mei-Shu Lai, and Assistant Professor Nien-Chen Kuo have met with UNMC dean Ayman El-Mohandes and several deputy deans as well as College of Health Policy deans in San Francisco before the assembly of Association of Schools of Public Health and American Public Health Association by the end of October 2012. Both sides have acquired financial support from the deans and agreed to launch the Joint Research Program.

This cooperation was officially launched on January 16 this year with two projects submitted for application. Our representatives include Shou-Hsia Cheng, Director of Institute of Healthy Policy and Management, and Chia-Yang Chen, Professor of Institute of Environmental Health . We expect to more effectively promote the substantial interaction between the professors from both sides and involve in in-depth academic exchange through this new type of academic cooperation.