Why Study at NTU CPH

The College of Public Health is a mini-National Taiwan University itself, with teaching and research activities involving disciplines not only in natural and biological sciences but also in humanities and social sciences. The essence of public health dictates that we are concerned greatly about the health rights of the people and pursue the ultimate goal of health for all. Our endeavors have been focused on disease prevention and health promotion, environmental protection and sustainable development, and the operating and management of health care industry.

The Department of Public Health and undergraduate program was established in 1972. To increase the versatility of the students, and help them to integrate academic learning into public health practices to meet the increasing societal demands in the future, summer internships and the Public Health Service Team have been offered each year since 1976. Both of these have become the guiding traditions of the College.

Now the College has one Undergraduate Department (Department of Public Health), six Institutes ( Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Institute of Health Policy and Management, Institute of Environment Health, Institute of Health Behaviors and Community Sciences, and  Institute of Food Safety and Health) and one Master Program (Master Program of Public Health).

Unique research contributions of the College of Public Health have included: the Taiwan island-wide control of goiter with iodized salt, the control of the black-foot disease, the control of occupational diseases, nasopharyngeal carcinoma research, the prevention and control of hepatitis and hepatoma, the formulation of arsenic standards in water, the surveillance and control of occupational pollutants, the health care of the elderly, tobacco control, gene and environment research, and health reform and National Health Insurance policy.

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CPH has cultivated numerous talented experts in public health since its inception. Our alumni are widely distributed throughout various circles. They contribute abundantly in the areas of health administration, environmental health organization, and public health education in research institutes, non-profit organizations and the commercial R&D departments of various industries, where they hold positions as professional staff members, research experts, instructors and managers. At the CPH, we continuously perform self-evaluation and strive to strengthen our contribution to worldwide public health, both through research and by providing quality teaching that prepares our students to be talented experts versed in public health theory and practice.

CPH includes student organizations, as well as alumni associations within each institute, maintaining the relationship between alumni and CPH. Every year, distinguished alumni are selected, then invited to speak at an annual ceremony, where they are awarded with a commemorative plaque. In 2012, NTU Public Health Alumni Association was founded, choosing Laura Huang as its first president.

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