The College offers bachelor, master and PhD degrees. The undergraduate Admission  channel includes test distribution, star recommendation, Admission  by selection, and individual application while the master and PhD program offer Admission channels including examination (written/oral) and general Admission . Please refer to “Latest Student Admission Information” for more details.

The college offers undergraduate, graduate institute and Post-Baccalaureate Bachelor. To find out which degrees are conferred by each academic department, please refer to “Admission Type and Admission for more information.

To apply for the first independent College of Public Health in Taiwan, please click on “how to apply” and join us.

If you have questions about tuition of possible fees to be paid after Admission , click “Tuition and Relevant Fees” for answers. 

The College has signed many exchange student contract with allied cities overseas that promote bilateral student exchange and pushes NTU College of Public Health to global stage. In addition to short-term student exchange, there are international students and overseas Chinese applying to the College each year. The exchange between local students and foreign students expands the global horizon between both parties. Refer to “International Students” for more information.