♦ NTU Orientation Camp (information in 2018 click here):

NTU Orientation Camp was founded in 2008, a special event for freshmen. Due to the assistance of senior students, freshmen will get to know the resources and environment of the campus.


 NTU Service Network for Freshmen and Transfer (click here



♦ Undergradute Freshmen Orientation:

This is a special two-day camping trip designed specifically for first year college freshman, which includes special activities to help them get to know each other, and presentations from upperclassmen about student life.


 New Graduate Students Orientation:

Each institute regularly holds new student orientation activities, introducing courses, faculty, academic regulations, and other necessary information for new graduate students.


 College-wise New Graduate Students Workshop:

In order to create a friendly and supportive learning environment for graduate students, CPH started to hold annual College-wise New Graduate Students Workshop, which covers overview of the College, Research Ethics, Learning Environment at CPH, international academic activities, and first-hand graduate student experience sharing by young faculty members.