Student Assembly

NTU emphasizes the leadership and autonomy of students, also hopes students to have the qualities of Honor, Accountability, Passion, Pleasure and Youth. There are various students clubs, including autonomy, academic, recreational, service, networking, general, physical fitness and apprenticeship. Student assembly belongs to autonomy students clubs. 

In addition to "National Taiwan University Student Association (NTUSA)," each College, Institute or Department also has its student associations. NTU has more than 100 student associations. NTUCPH has NTUPHSA (Department of Public Health Student Association) and "Graduate Student Association of College of Public Health." NTUPHSA has been established for a long time, and held "public health night" in each year. "Graduate Student Association of College of Public Health" was founded in September 25, 2013. Graduate students of different areas can interact through this student association. 



♦ Graduate Student Association of College of Public Health: