Student Funding Resources


For undergraduate students

There are many awards that are based on academic performance for undergraduate students on campus. At university level, there are NTU Book Coupon Award (for students among the top five percent of each department; there are three slots for each class of DPH students per semester), NTU Excellence in Academic Performance Award (one slot per year for DPH), Dr. Shih-Liang Chien Memorial Award (two slot for DPH), as well as other scholarships that are granted to students with relatively low family-income (e.g., including NTU Alumni Awards), among others. In addition, NTU has Excellent Youth Award, which is determined by merit and not allocated for colleges. From 2008 to 2012, CPH has three graduates winning this prestigious award.

At college level, there are Prof. Sin-Yin Wu’s Award and Prof. KP Chen’s Awards. From 2012, CPH established an Award for Outstanding Graduate of the year. Outside the university, there are several awards that are specifically for undergraduate students, including Rotary Club Awards, Lung-Shan Temple Awards, and so forth. In addition, funding agencies such as National Science Council and Department of Health also have awards for research projects by undergraduate students. All the recipients and their feedback for the awards are collected in Booklets entitled “Rising Stars in Public Health." 

For graduate students

Graduate students at CPH have been actively participated in a variety of academic competitions both on campus and outside of the university. Most of them are related to research grant or travel awards for international conferences. Funding agencies include both governmental agencies (National Science Council, Department of Health, Environmental Protection Agency, Council for Labor Affairs, and etc.) and non-government organizations (Taiwan Public Health Association, Rotary International, Tung’s Foundation, and etc.).

To encourage graduate students to publish their research results in peer-reviewed international journals, CPH in 2012 established a group of awards for Outstanding Graduate Student Research Article, Excellent Graduate Student Research Article, and Honorable Graduate Student Research Article. In addition, CPH began in 2012 to award Outstanding Graduate of the Year for graduate students. For information regarding students’ performances being recognized, please refer to “Rising Stars in Public Health.”


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