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National Taiwan University College of Public Health (hereinafter referred to as NTUCPH) was formerly known as the "Institute of Tropical Medicine" established in 1939 and became independent from the medical school in 1993. It is NTU's eighth college and the country's first fully independent public health college. The college was relocated to its current location at No. 17, Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, in 2006. It currently consists of the Department of Public Health, five institutes, two programs (Master of Public Health known as MPH and Master's and Doctorate in Global Health known as GHP), and two in-service classes (Executive Master of Health Administration of the Institute of Health Policy and Management (IHPM) and classes for the Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (IEPM)).


NTUCPH initiated the plan of participating in an international evaluation in 2005 and officially passed the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) evaluation in June 2017, which includes the accreditation of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. It is also the first and the only public health school that has passed the evaluation in Asia.

Since then, the NTUCPH recruitment of international talents is accessible on the SOPHAS, a platform by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH). Later in 2020, it was awarded the "2020 ASPPH Harrison C. Spencer Award for Outstanding Community Service", affirming the efforts in sharing cooperative models between the school and the community. NTUCPH has developed from one of the medical school units to an independent college and gained an international reputation by actively participating in government health policymaking and international academic organizations. These achievements come from the joint efforts of all the NTUCPH faculty members, students, and alumni.


Public health-related research, teaching, and how they connect to the community and global community service are more important than ever in this era, and these significant challenges are unprecedented. To face and respond to these challenges, NTUCPH has developed several positive measures, including setting up student research and community service scholarships, participating in and supporting community-related research projects, conducting research to provide suggestions on health policymaking at local and global levels, leading public health education, promoting the establishment of big data for health research and analysis, and continuing to protect of environmental health and food safety. We highly look forward to receiving support from our worldwide friends and alumni. There is no limit to giving, and anything will help us tremendously. We will coordinate and make the most effective use of the support!



1. NTUCPH Development Fund


This fund is mainly used to support various student activities (including service camps, community development, and academic activities), faculty members’ research (including research, lectures, and community service), international academic cooperation, advanced training camps, etc.


2. NTUCPH Student Scholarship


This scholarship subsidizes students of NTUCPH (including grants for students’ research projects, community development, international academic activities, graduate students’ posters, dissertation awards, etc.).


3. Others


For other purposes except the above two, such as exclusive scholarships, special purposes, or exclusive awards, please contact for further details:                                                    


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