2021 CPH Anniversary: Donor Appreciation Ceremony and Welcome Party for New Faculties


To thank the friends and alumni of the College of Public Health for their donations of setting up endowments and scholarships, and to welcome new faculties, the College of Public Health held the "2021 College of Public Health Anniversary: Donor Appreciation Ceremony and Welcome Party for New Faculties" at 11 am, April 16, 2021, in the Global Hall of College of Public Health (CPH) building.


The event began with the appreciation ceremony to express gratitude to the donors of the three endowments and scholarships: the K.P. Chen Memorial Endowment by Ke-Cheng Chen and his siblings, College Development Fund donated by Ms. Su-Jen Kuo, and the scholarship established by Taipei Dyaco International Charity Foundation. First, on behalf of the other donors of the K.P. Chen Memorial Endowment, Ke-Cheng Chen, director of the KP Chen Preventive Medicine Foundation, was presented with a medal of appreciation by Chung-Ming Kuan, President of NTU, and souvenirs by Shou-Hsia Cheng, the Dean of College of Public Health. After that, the Vice President for Financial Affairs, Dr. Pei-Cheng Liao, and Mr. Simon Liou, CEO of the Office of Development, NTU, took group photos with President Kuan, Dean Cheng, and Director Ke-Cheng Chen. The following donor is Ms. Su-Jen Kuo, who donates to the College Development Fund. The third donor is the Taipei Dyaco International Charity Foundation, represented by Ms. Jing-Jing Lin, who is our alumnus. Both Ms. Kuo and Ms. Lin gave a speech and were presented with a certificate of appreciation and souvenirs by Dean Cheng.