2022 KP Chen Memorial Lecture-- In memory of Dr. KP Chen: Linking the past to the future of his alma mater medical school, Keio University

The National Taiwan University College of Public Health and the Dr. KP Chen Foundation for Preventive Medicine jointly held the “2022 KP Chen Memorial Lecture" event at the Global Lounge of the College of Public Health on November 2. This year's invited speaker is Professor Amagai Masayuki. The Vice President of Keio University, Masayuki Amaya, delivered a lecture titled "In memory of Dr. KP Chen: Linking the past to the future of his alma mater medical school, Keio University."

Professor Amagai Masayuki was the dean of the School of Medicine at Keio University, and is currently the vice president of Keio University, as well as the professor and chair of the Department of Dermatology. Professor Amagai Masayuki also leads the Skin Homeostasis laboratory team of RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences in Japan. In addition, Professor Amagai Masayuki also serves as the President of the Japanese Dermatological Association. In this year’s KP Chen Memorial Lecture, Professor Amagai Masayuki was invited to represent Professor KP Chen's alma mater (Keio University) to describe the influence of his alma mater on Professor KP Chen and connect it to Keio University's current educational philosophy and prospects.

Prof. KP Chen (1917-1978) has been praised as a great mentor of public health or father of public health in Taiwan. His enthusiasm and dedication to the progress of public health in Taiwan is greatly recognized and provides spiritual and physical foundation with significant influence to younger generations. In this lecture, Professor Amagai Masayuki introduced how Professor KP Chen spent his time in Keio University through many old photos with historical significance, and also highlighted the core philosophy of Keio University education and how Keio University has been evolved to present status with the philosophy Prof. KP Chen admired. Finally, Professor Amagai Masayuki took the opportunity of this lecture to demonstrate the solid friendship between Taiwan and Japan, especially between National Taiwan University and Keio University. 

The theme of this year's KP Chen Memorial Lecture is to commemorate Professor KP Chen. On the day of the lecture, in addition to Professor Amagai Masayuki, the academician of Academic Sinica, Professor Chien-Jen Chen, an important scholar in Taiwan's public health, and Dr. Ko-Ron Chen, the second son of Professor KP Chen were invited to be panelists to represent, respectively, more in-depth sharing and discussion on the two aspects of his contribution to Taiwan's public health field and his personal personality traits. Academician Chien-Jen Chen's speech reviewed Professor KP Chen's contribution to Taiwan's public health field, especially the end of blackfoot disease in Taiwan and the unique contribution of Taiwan research to the prevention and control of global groundwater arsenic pollution. Professor Ko-Ron Chen also received his medical education at Keio University. He used to be the director of the skin department of Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital and is currently the director of Tokyo Meguro Chen Dermatology Clinic. Professor Ko-Ron Chen talked about his father, who always focused on public health teaching and research from the perspective of his family. He also talked about his mother's great efforts in fully supporting his father's work, so that Professor KP Chen can continue to work hard and devote himself without distractions. 

At the end of the lecture, the guests were invited to speak freely, including Dean Ni of the College of Medicine, Mr. Conrad K. Chen, executive director of the Dr. KP Chen Foundation for Preventive Medicine, Professor Jiang Tung-Liang Chiang and Professor Shu-Sen Chang of the College of Public Health. There was an in-depth exchange of opinions with the speakers and panelists on the educational philosophy of Keio University School of Medicine, the real deeds of Professor KP Chen, and the development of public health in the future. In the end, the lecture concluded with a warm atmosphere. 


Dean Shou-Hsia Cheng (left) awarded the plaque to Professor Amagai Masayuki (Right)


Left to Right: Dean Shou-Hsia Cheng, Professor. Ko-Ron Chen, Professor Amagai Masayuki, and Academician Chien-Jen Chen, and Professor Amagai Masayuki 


After the lecture, all the participating CPH faculty members and distinguished guests took a group photo with Professor Amagai Masayuki and Professor. Ko-Ron Chen (the distinguished guests of the 1st row, left to right: Professor Tung-Liang Chiang, Professor Yueh-Guey (Laura) Huang, Academician Chien-Jen Chen, Mr. Conrad K. Chen, Dean Shou-Hsia Cheng, Dean Yen-Hsuan Ni, and Professor Chia-Yu Chu).