【Congratulations!】 EOHS Professor Pau-Chung Chen has been elected as a Fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini


The Collegium Ramazzini is an international scientific academy comprised of physicians and scientists from 35 countries headquartered in the Castello di of Bentivoglio, near Bologna, Italy. The Collegium Ramazzini was founded in 1982 by Professors Irving J. Selikoff of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA and Professor Cesare Maltoni of the University of Bologna. It is named in honor of Dr. Bernardino Ramazzini (1633-1714), Professor of Medicine in the Universities of Modena and Padova, the Father of Occupational Medicine.


The mission of the Collegium Ramazzini is to increase scientific knowledge of the environmental and occupational causes of disease and to transmit this knowledge to decision-makers, the media and the global public to protect public health, prevent disease and save lives. The Collegium Ramazzini is independent of commercial interests. It advances scientifically based solutions to global problems in occupational and environmental health.