Mentorship System

The “Mentorship System” in the College of Public Health (CPH) is a program designed to guide the new faculty members develop a prosperous career life in NTU. With the help from the senior faculty (mentor), the new faculty (mentee) can start up teaching and research career smoothly and successfully.


A new faculty can choose a senior faculty as the mentor in the same or related research fields and the Dean will arrange the mentor-mentee pair. This partnership is guaranteed for at least two years.


The knowledge, experience, and resources the mentor can share include mentoring college and graduate students, teaching skills, teaching resources, grant writing and application, submission of research papers, building local and international research networks, and faculty evaluation and promotion. A mentor may prepare the new faculty member to face the teaching evaluation, provide support and consoling, and discuss challenges when needed.  


To honor faculties’ participation, CPH offers the mentor 5000 NTD teaching fund per year.