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KP Chen Memorial Lecture in Public Health


The KP Chen Memorial Lecture honors late Professor Kung-Pei Chen (1917-1978), a founding father of Taiwan’s public health education. Prof. KP Chen served as the Director of Institute of Public Health at National Taiwan University (NTU) for 17 years in 1956-1972 and established Department of Public Health (the first undergraduate public health degree in Asia) in the College of Medicine of NTU in 1972. Under his leadership, the Institute and Department had cultivated many public health professionals, educators, researchers and leaders in Taiwan. This formidable force of public health has helped Taiwan to solve many major public health issues, including the identification of arsenic intoxication as the cause of black-foot disease, iodization of salt to prevent goiter, and advocacy of National Health Insurance (eventually leading to its implementation in 1995), and the publication of Taiwan’s first township-specific cancer mortality map. Prof. KP Chen was active in global health and has participated in WHO programs in Vietnam, Korea, and Philippine in his career.


The Institute and Department have been expanded to an independent college in NTU, College of Public Health (CPH), since 1993. Notably, NTUCPH has just been accredited by Council on Education for Public Health (founded and located in the U.S.) in July 2017, the first school in Asia, also the first one outside North America. KP Chen Preventive Medicine Foundation established “KP Chen Memorial Lecture in Public Health” in NTU-CPH in memory of Professor Kung-Pei Chen’s 100th Birth Anniversary in 2017. This annual lectureship is awarded to a prominent international individual who has made a significant and unique contribution to contemporary public health.


Professor KP Chen 



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Professor KP Chen Brief Chronology

1917 Dec. 27 Born in Taipei, Taiwan
1942 Bachelor of Medicine, Keio University, Japan
1952 Master of Public Health, Minnesota State University, USA
1955-1972 Director of Institute of Public Health, National Taiwan University
1957 Advocated Prophylaxis with Iodized Salt to Prevent Goiter
1958 Spearheaded the Investigation and Research on Black-Foot Disease in Taiwan
1961 Promoted the National Health Insurance in Taiwan
1966-1967 Consultant to the World Health Organization
1969 Visiting Scholar in University of Washington
1970 The Cutter Lecture (113th) on Preventive Medicine at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
1972 Founded the Department of Public Health, National Taiwan University
1976 Initiated Taiwan Township-Specific Cancer Mortality Map
1978 Feb. 23 Died of Pancreatic Cancer in Taipei, Taiwan



List of KP Chen Memorial Lecture in Public Health

5th 2022 2022/11/2 Professor Amagai Masayuki
4th 2021 2021/11/12 Professor John R. Finnegan Jr. 
3rd 2019 2019/12/13 Professor Baron Peter Piot
2nd 2018 2018/11/22 Professor Jonathan Michael Samet
1st 2017  2017/11/20 Professor Michelle Ann Williams